Chest and Triceps

Hello everyone!Chest
I trained chest and triceps today, moved onto training 6 days per week with 3-4 HIIT cardio sessions, I hit each bodypart twice per week, trying to stay heavy and keep some mass, whilst my diet is strict. Also rocking a 27 inch waist!!

Flat Bench – Strength Set – 6 x 6
Incline Bench Press – Hypertrophy – 5 x 8
Dumbbell Flyes – Hypertrophy – 5 x 8
Cable Crossovers – Hypertrophy + Burnout – 5 x 10 with dropset

Bar Pulldown – Strength Set – 6 x 6
Single Arm Pulldown – Hypertrophy – 5 x 8
Horizontal Overhead Tricep Extension – Hypertrophy – 5 x 8
Vertical Overhead Rope Cable Extension – Hypertrophy + Burnout – 5 x 10 with dropset

Seated Sit Ups – Hypertrophy – 4 x 30
Alternating Ab Crunches – Hypertrophy – 3 x 30

Good luck all!



First day back

Hello everyone,First day back

I’m back from holiday, had an awesome time, ate far too much food!
Now to get myself back on track, just over six weeks until my first competition.
Starting to kick up the cardio to 3-4 sessions per week and still training really heavy.
Well this is just a progress update, so i’ll start posting more in the coming days.



Hello everyone,
Just to update you guys on the next week. I’m actually going away meaning I will not be Going Awayable to post anything until the 13th March.
I will hopefully be able to train out there, as the hotel apparantly has a gym (Not sure how good it will be)
As far as diet goes, I will try and keep it extremely low on carbs, high in protein and fat to keep my energy up, without gaining too much weight.
I’m really really excited, haven’t been on holiday in a long time.
Good luck with everyone’s training, see you when I get back!


Core Workout

Hello all! Sorry for the long time between posts, have been really busy recently!
Thought i’d post my core workout that i have used for the past few months.
The idea is to do two abs exercises twice a week, two obliques exercises twice a week and four exercises for overall core, once per week. I usually do it upon finishing my main session. Overall you’ll be hitting your core five times per week!Abs, Obliques, Core
I like to do less exercises, higher reps, just to help promote some growth. I have listed below, some of the exercises i use, enjoy!

Hanging Leg Raise – 3 – 5 x 10
Weighted Sit Ups – 3 – 5 x 15
Alternating Crunches – 3 – 5 x 30
Cable Crunches – 3 – 5 x 8

Russian Twist – 3 – 5 x 10
High Woodchop – 3 – 5 x 12
Side Bends – 3 – 5 x 10
Side Crunches – 3 – 5 x 15

Mountain Climbers – 3 – 5 x 20
Roll outs – 3 – 5 x 15
Bicycle Kicks – 3 – 5 x 20
Hanging Windmills – 3 – 5 x 8

Supplement Review – MuscleMeds Decanate

MuscleMedsHello everyone! Today i wanted to tell you guys about the most recent amino acid blend that i have been using, as you can tell by the picture and title, it was MuscleMeds Decanate. I was using this product for around about 6 weeks and only during my workouts (after my pre-workout)
I found that i was able to keep my energy levels slightly higher and could push further throughout my workouts. This has definitely been one of the best intra workout drinks i have had in a long time and would highly recommend it to anyone suffering with muscle soreness and fatigue.
The only downfall of this product was the lack of taste with the watermelon flavour, other than that, it dissolved well and was very easy to drink.

Let me know of any other opinions on this product.
Thanks again!


Back and Shoulders

Back and shoulders day today! Really worked hard with this workout, gained an awesome pump as well:

T-Bar Row – Strength Set – 6 x 5
Close Grip Lat Pulldown – Hypertrophy – 4 x 8
Single Arm Dumbbell Rows – Hypertrophy – 4 x 10Back and Shoulders
Straight Arm Pulldown – Hypertrophy + Burnout – 4 x 12 with dropset

Alternating Shoulder Press – Strength Set – 6 x 5
Cable Lateral Raise – Hypertrophy (Heavy with full twist) – 4 x 8
Reverse Flyes – Hypertrophy – 4 x 10
Upright Row – Hypertrophy + Burnout – 4 x 12 with dropset

Side Bend – Hypertrophy – 4 x 10
Alternating Sit Ups – Hypertrophy – 4 x 30

Good luck all, let me know how you found it!


New Weight Belt!

Weightlifting BeltGuess what i got given for Valentines Day! A new weightlifting belt! Such a comfortable one as well.
I’m so excited to start progressing my lifts, i’ll keep you posted on how it feels when i get to use it! Got to keep lifting as heavy as i can before the competition. 11 Weeks out!!
Have a good weekend all!